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The Alberta Cancer Research Biobank, operated by Cancer Research and Analytics of Alberta Health Services. This Biobank has a large open access collection of samples from several types of cancer. We also support the collection and storage of samples for independent research groups. The Biobank provides these samples to  medical researchers to address unanswered questions concerning prevention, prognosis and treatment of cancer.

Our Biobank is a multi-user resource that is available to a wide range of cancer researchers in Alberta and elsewhere. As members of the Canadian Tissue Repository Network we use and develop leading-edge tumor banking practices and promote cancer research at national and international levels. Partnerships between the research programs and the Tumor Bank lead to innovative research.

Our patient participants support research by providing consent for the use of their donated blood and tissue samples as well as access to their health records. Thanks to the Albertans who understand and support research, 97% of patients we contact choose to enroll in our program.

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