About Us

Health Professional (Stock image)Despite advances in cancer prevention, screening and treatment, the incidence of cancer is projected to rise over the next 25 years. Significant progress has been made in identifying exposures associated with risk of disease and adverse outcomes after diagnosis but targeted, personalized medicine is a particularly high priority in the treatment of cancer. Analyzing collections of human biospecimens, including tissues, blood and other bodily fluids, as well as associated clinical or health related data housed within biobanks is key to discovering, validating and using predictive biomarkers to select optimally effective therapies based on the likelihood of benefit.

The ACRB supports progress in cancer research through comprehensive and innovative biobanking. Our mission is to be a comprehensive resource for the collection, processing, storage, distribution and analysis of high quality biospecimens, with linked data, to facilitate transformative cancer research and innovations in biobanking.

The ACRB is an Open-Access collection of cancer related samples and data that are stored in  in Calgary and Edmonton to realize a common goal of supporting cancer research across the continuum in Alberta. The primary stakeholders include  Alberta’s Tomorrow Project and Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research (CEPR), the Charbonneau Research Institute at the University of Calgary and CRINA at the University of Alberta.

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