Biobanking Publications

The ACRB is actively engaged in generating publications about biobanking; in addition there are many publications by researchers in which ACRB samples have been utilized.

Updated June 2015

1. Roberts, J. N., C. Karvonen, K. Graham, M. Weinfeld, A. A. Joy, M. Koebel, D. Morris, P. J. Robson, R. N. Johnston and N. T. Brockton (accepted for publication). Driving population metrics into biobanking quality. F. Karimi-Busheri, Springer.

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Research Publications That Utilize ACRB Biosamples

1. Al Bashir, S., M. Alshalalfa, S. A. Hegazy, M. Dolph, B. Donnelly and T. A. Bismar (2014). Cysteine- rich secretory protein 3 (CRISP3), ERG and PTEN define a molecular subtype of prostate cancer with implication to patients' prognosis. J Hematol Oncol 7: 21, 2014.

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