Samples collected by the ACRB are used in many different research projects. Examples of different types of studies include studies of:

  • the genetic basis of cancer
  • markers that predict cancer development
  • markers that predict the response of cancer to specific treatment
  • the development of new cancer treatments

Some of the studies that rely on ACRB to collect samples include the following:

amber ruby-logo-small (1)   b2b Ohlson


AMBER (Alberta moving beyond breast cancer)

This research study will examine how various lifestyle factors, such as physical activity, affect a number of other variables (behavioural, biological, medical, functional and psychosocial) after breast cancer diagnosis.  By better understanding these factors, we hope to improve breast cancer recovery and survival.

RUBY (Reducing the burden of breast cancer in young women)  

The RUBY study is being conducted by a Canadian network of breast cancer researchers and surgeons, and it will include 1,200 young breast cancer patients diagnosed before the age of 40.  The women will be enrolled over four years, during which our team will collect treatment information and details about lifestyle and fertility.  The data and specimens will be made available to researchers across Canada to address many questions and to identify optimal treatments for this population and improve their chances of survival.  In addition, a national web-based resouce will be developed to assist women with overcoming the stress associated with a diagnosis of breast cancer.  

B2B (Breast to Bone Research Program)

This research project will examine factors related to the spread of breast cancer to the bone.  We hope to learn more about why some breast cancers spread (metastasize) to the bone and why some do not.  By better understanding these factors, we hope to learn more about why this spread happens and how it can be prevented.  This study is no longer accepting new participants, but is continuing to collect follow-up samples on its participants.

Head & Neck Ohlson Research Initiative  

The Ohlson Research Initiative is a clinical research program focused on head and neck cancer, the 5th most common cancer worldwide.  Our mission is to enhance our understanding of head and neck cancer biology and develop tailored therapies for patients with head and neck cancer.  Our focus is on people: the people who have the disease (our patients), the people who treat the disease and the people who create the knowledge needed to find and implement new and innovative approaches to the very complex problems found in the cancer world.