Why I Participate: Our Amazing Participants, Researchers and Volunteers

The ACRB would not be here without the support of its thousands of participants - ordinary people who have contributed extraordinarily to help others and the fight against cancer.  Alongside them are the researchers and physicians striving to find better diagnostics and treatments, and the volunteers who give of their time to help the ACRB. Here are just a few of the reasons why they participate

Linda, Participant"When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I wanted to help ensure no one else gets this diagnosis. I gave permission for part of my tissue sample to be used for research. I did not need any extra surgery they just used part of the tissue removed during my surgery. The only additional requirement was blood work, which I did the morning before my surgery. By helping researchers, I am hoping it will help reduce future diagnoses of breast cancer. We can all help make a difference. Please consider donating your tissue and blood to help researchers."  

Linda, Calgary AB, Participant

“The more people who participate in this research study now, the less other cancer patients will have to participate in the future.”Martin Povey, Participant

“The ACRB biobank is an invaluable research group that continues to accelerate cancer research in Alberta.  They are extremely supportive and have facilitated a number of projects that would not have been possible without their direct support”.Dr. M. Eric Hyndman, Clinical Assistant Professor of Urology

“Life is not fair, but who promised it would be?  My mother died of cancer; I was diagnosed at 41 with cancer.  I participate, and encourage others to do so, in the hopes that the Alberta Cancer Research Biobank can identify patterns to this disease and more importantly assist with developing new treatments or cures.  People with cancer may not be able to alter the present, but we can improve the future.  Thank you.”A.P., Participant

“By facilitating the collection of tissue and blood specimens, we are investing in knowledge generation for the future research.   In this way, our team of researchers, clinicians, and patients can all work together to continually improve and refine our cancer treatments and diagnoses. I want to thank the ACRB, ACF, and CBCF for their ongoing support of this valuable Alberta resource.”Dr. Harold Lau, TBCC Head & Neck Tumour Group Lead

“As a person with prostate cancer, I want to support the advancement of technology toward a cure or more friendly ways of managing the disease”.Don Rhyno, Participant, Calgary

“Understanding tumour biology is a critically important step in the process of finding new cancer treatments. The ability toDr.Dort Picture do this in a systematic and organized manner will ensure that Alberta is an important leader in cancer research networks. Our head and neck tumour specimens represent a valuable resource that opens the door to meaningful collaboration with other leading cancer centres and is one of the things that distinguish our program as something special. I believe that the ACRB is a special resource that deserves our ongoing support as we try to find solutions to the complex problems that cancer presents us.”

Dr. Joseph Dort, Chief of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery - Foothills Medical Centre

“Ongoing research, breakthroughs and medical advances is the motivator in why I strongly support ACRB.  As a Registered Nurse, I encourage people to support the ACRB to benefit generations to come.”Jay, RN, Calgary

C.Friedenreich Picture cropped“The ACRB is an outstanding resource for all disciplines in cancer research in Alberta.  We have been conducting population-based observational epidemiologic research studies as well as randomized controlled trials in cancer patients as well as with healthy populations across Alberta. The partnership that we, in my Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research of CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services have with the ACRB has been mutually beneficial. We are delighted that the ACRB has been established and grateful that this resource exists for our research studies conducted in Alberta.”

Dr. Christine Friedenreich, Scientific Leader - Cancer Epidemiology & Prevention Research, AHS

“Having access to banked tumours has made a real impact in terms of gaining mechanistic insight into why some patients do not respond well to treatment.”Dr. Roseline Godbout, Professor and Acting Division Director of Experimental Oncology, University of Alberta

“Data obtained from tumour bank samples have been used in collaborative studies with colleagues across Canada.”Dr. Rong-Zong Liu, Research Associate, University of Alberta