Image: Man with a ResearcherIn accordance with the  Canadian Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, the guidelines of the Canadian Tissue Repository Network (CTRNet), and other international policies regarding research ethics, the cbcf Tumor Bank’s policies and procedures treat human tissue and associated data with the respect and protection granted their human donors.  The ACRB operates under the ethical oversight of two Research Ethics Boards in Alberta and as such, ensures our practices are consistent with the evolving laws and ethics pertaining to health and human research.

Investigators applying for access to ACRB biosamples must first have approval for their research from Regional Ethics Boards. Researchers from Alberta may obtain approval from Human Research Ethics Board of Alberta: Cancer Committee (HREBA), the University of Calgary Conjoint Human Research Ethics Board (CHREB) or the University of Alberta Research Ethics Office (REMO).

The ACRB obtains written, informed consent from all participants who choose to allow their biospecimens and clinical information to be used for future research.  Participants are aware of the voluntary nature of their donation and that they retain the right to revoke consent and have their material and data destroyed at any time.  The written informed consent form allows participants to grant permission to be contacted in the future regarding further research participation and to allow their biospecimens and data to be used for:

  • Cancer-specific research
  • Other health-related research
  • Industry as well as academic studies